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TAY Secret Santa Gift Guide Axel Child of Destiny 2019

Here is my updated Secret Santa thing so Z can stop bothering me about it.

Recent Raves

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Fire Emblem (Three Houses)

The Mandalorian


We love artsy fartsy stuff in general!

Classic Craves

K-On! (have series on dvd & all cds & video game & set of characters figurines in basic band attire & manga & guitar signed by all but Mugi &we cosplay as Yui and Mugi & screen print & mini vinyls… yes we are OBSESSED!)


Spice and Wolf (have series on dvd and light novels & figurine of Holo & Holo poster)

Certain Magical Index / Certain Scientific Railgun (have Railgun figure)

Avatar: The Last Air Bender /Korra (Have entire series on dvd although we somehow lost a disc from Book 3: Fire… & couple posters)


Animal Crossing (Have the all games & most amiibos)

Dragon Age (Have all games except some add-ons to 2 because 2 is awful & Morigan t-shirt & movie… Alistair and Cullen are my fav characters)


Pokemon (Have most of the games & a lot of cards & some figurines & dvd of Indigo and Orange as well as most of the movies… love Rapidash, Evee, Pikachu—really most cute pokemon in general as well as favor first 151)

Harvest Moon (Have many of the games, fave being Animal Parade)

Dragon’s Dogma

Jane Austen (Have Pride and Prejudice mini-series and some of her books)

Tamera Pierce (Have most books in the Tortall universe except the short stories and the most recent books released in the last couple years & the Circle series I left off with The Will of the Empress)


My last bit of advice is to be creative and surprise us! Also, I love pumpkins and foxes. J

My wife wrote most of this, hence the we’s throughout. Also, everyone knows Sten is the best Dragon Age character.

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