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2016 AxelChildOfDestiny Gift Guide

Year Two! Three!

I’m Axel (really Matt, but inside jokes you know) and I love RPGs and Anime. I also really love old Nickelodeon shows that remind me of my childhood. But C’mon, who doesn’t love Legends of the Hidden Temple?


My favorite games are FFX, the Dark Souls series and Life is Strange. My favorite animes are K-ON! (why won’t they come perform here in America?!), Spice and Wolf, Code Geass and Full Metal Panic.

I’m not a picky person, so I’ll probably be happy with just about anything. Just nice to get something not from my wife or family for a change.


Shirt Size: Extra Large. Sometimes large fits, but have very broad shoulders.

Sweatshirt Size: I live in Florida... so please no.

Systems I own: PS4, PS3, XBox 360, PS2, Wii, N64, Super Nintendo, 3DS, DSi, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Computer, That handheld SNES thing.


Merry Christmas.

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